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Common irregularity and solutions of JS concrete mixer
Publication Date: 2015-06-02

JS series concrete mixer is a practical twin horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer. They are applicable to mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, flow concrete, light aggregate concrete, various mortars, etc. and they are suitable in roads, bridges, water projects or other industrial and civil projects. Here are some common irregularities and their solutions:

1. Mixing shaft stops running.

The mixing shaft stops running or rotates slowly. Its reason is:

(1) Serious overloading. Exceeding regular load can make mixing shaft rotate slowly. The mixing shaft will gradually stop running with the load becoming heavier and heavier. For this reason, operator needs to adjust the amount of feeding material and discharge the extra materials to decrease the load and make the mixing shaft rotate regularly.
(2) Large objects between mixing blades and inside wall of barrel. It is caused by the oversize interval between mixing blades and inside wall of barrel. In general, it will go with a screeching of friction. Just check it immediately and remove the objects manually. Then adjust the interval between them.
(3) Over loose of motor belt. If the motor belt is too loose, it will lead to insufficient driving power. So, even though the concrete mixer is with low load, the mixing shaft may still stop running. In this case, turn off the concrete mixer. Then adjust tension device and fasten the belt.

2. There is abnormal noise in mixing barrel.

This abnormal noise is mainly caused by friction of inner wall and the objects sticking between mixing blades and inner wall. At this time, take out the object and then adjust the interval as request.

3. Reducer makes a noise.

The reason for noises inside reducer can be classified into two types:

(1) there is other object in reducer and the noises are made by collision and severe friction.
(2) The bearing is damaged. And it makes noises due to the friction of joint.
In the working process of concrete mixer, it will influence the regular work of reducer and cause damage to reducer parts once there is other object in the reducer. When there is other object in reducer, owners need to shut down the concrete mixer, remove the object and repair or replace the damaged parts. If the bearing is broken, its friction becomes more severe and bearing motion will be affected to make big noises. In this situation, the noises are often periodic. So, a new bearing need replacing.

Now, we'd like to discuss more about the common irregularities and its solutions of JS series concrete mixer.

1. The temperature of reducer is too high.

The main reason is generally that overloading of bearings increases, the friction aggravates and so, more heat is produced. This can be attributed to the viscosity of lubrication oil. It is because the viscosity of lubrication oil may cause the increase of reducer load. If the lubrication oil is with high viscosity, its flow ability becomes worse and the operating duty increases. In this process, a large amount of heat will be produced and lead to the temperature increase of reducer. On the contrary, if the viscosity of lubrication oil is low, its lubrication effect reduces and it adds the friction of parts. The reducer need to work done to overcome friction. This will also produce much heat and make the reducer heat up. In this case, please replace new appropriate lubrication oil.

2. The two shaft end of mixing barrel is over heat.

This is caused by severe friction of shaft end. The excess temperature of shaft end is because of damaged bearings or insufficient oil supply. The damaged bearings in mixing barrel are one of the main reasons for excess temperature. If the mixing shaft always works in a overloading condition, the bearings will be surely wore out or damaged. Once bearings are damaged, the friction between shaft and bearing will become severe and severe and it leads to overheat of shaft end. In this situation, new bearings need replacing. The friction between shaft and bearing also will become severe, when the lubrication oil is not enough, especially when concrete mixer is used for a long time and have low maintenance. To prevent shaft end of mixing barrel from excess temperature, we should take a regular maintenance to concrete mixer and add lubrication oil as required timely.

3. Leakage of shaft end.

The main reason for it is damage of floating seal. Shaft end of concrete mixer is loaded parts. Therefore, the service life of these parts will become much shorter. So, it is very important to maintain the parts of shaft end timely and replace the sealing elements properly. Replace new floating seal for continuous leakage of shaft end.

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