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Reliable Performance of HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant

As for concrete batching plant equipment, it is not too strange to users who have used and understood the concrete batching plant equipment. Here, Hamac reminds again that users should have a good knowledge of the configuration of concrete batching plant equipment when they want to buy and use concrete batching plant. If so, users can purchase a high cost-performance concrete batching plant equipment. The brief introduction of HZS120 concrete batching plant: Concrete batching plant equipment is complete engine set installation, easy relocation and low cost of equipment. HZS120 concrete batching plant equipment can be used with JS2000/JS2000B twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer and is of good mixing and high-efficiency. Aggregate can be batched with PLD3200 ingredients machine: accurate measurement and high efficient production. The proportion of cement, water and additive is weighed by electronic balance and the weighing is in high efficiency. Pump pressure principle used by water sup


An Independent Off-road Mobile Batching Plant

The HMC series self-loading concrete batching plant is an ideal plant which is suitable for production of concrete on the toughest jobsite. It is A totally self-contained off-road mobile batching plant which is fast and accurate in dosing and handling material. Because the front cab near the shovel, it is safe and comfortable. With the self compensating loading arm with hydraulic gate and electronic weighing system with load cell, it is being used for high quality concrete. At least 270 degree drum slewing to allow concrete easily to be poured around 360 degree; Fully automated and user friendly.


How to buy cost-effective concrete batching plant

We all know that many manufacturers the production of concrete batching plant, but the real scale, strong technology, but very little. After using a piece of equipment, a lot of customers to buy their own equipment and did not want to so good had said, aware of being taken now really hard to detect, and then as a client how to buy cost-effective concrete batching plant? Based on past experience, to give you some suggestions: First is to find the manufacturers buy concrete mixing plant must compare various manufacturers of quality and company reputation in the outside, save a little bit of a little money to purchase not affect the normal use. Second is to choose the right concrete mixer production yield: long work day, have to adapt and production require large output to select the number of high type mixer, batching machine. Then start ingredients start, belt conveyor belt stops with a raw material in the hopper to the set value, then under the control of the control instruments arrang


Why does the Sicoma planetary mixer have a shorter scraper blade tail than some?

The good mixing action of Sicomas blades allows faster and more complete cleanout; it simply does not need a wide scraper tail to clean out efficiently. A larger tail causes dead spots in the mixer which increases the mixing time, or reduces homogeneity of the mix. Another manufacturers attempt to give fast cleanout is to use a descending scraper blade. This is both unnecessary in Sicoma mixers and elaborate, giving higher maintenance costs in those that use them. Sicomas planetary is well designed and simple in concept, reducing future headaches and costs.


Why does the MAO have heavier end panels and look bulkier than others of the same size?

When mixing a heavy load in a twin-shaft mixer, the tremendous torque of the mixer shafts tend to twist the mixer body it squirms slightly. 16 years of experience in these mixers has shown that this squirming can twist the shaft seals and bearings out of line, causing excessive wear over time. The extra-stiff frame and added box-sections along the body of the mixer help the MAO to hold its shape even with full loads of extreme mix designs, such as in concrete for dam applications, resulting in longer life of bearings and shaft seals. Longer life with less down-time. Everything is subject to modification without prior notice. For specific requests, we will refer to our technical department. Values indicated are not applicable in all applications and conditions and are subject to variations depending on the use and quantity of the product.


What is Green Concrete?

A concrete that uses less energy in its production and produces less carbon dioxide than normal concrete is green concrete.Green Concrete is taken to mean environment-friendly concrete. Why Green Concrete? The main ingredient in concrete is cement and it consists of Limestone (Calcium Carbonate CaCO3). During manufacture of cement, its ingredients are heated to about 800 10000 C. During this process the Carbon Dioxide is driven off. Approximately 1 kg of cement releases about 900 gms of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Therefore, green concrete came into existence to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Materials for Green Concrete 1- Locally available:Construction materials, components, and systems found locally or regionally, saving energy and resources in transportation to the project site. 2- Salvaged, re-furnished, or re-manufactured:Includes saving a material from disposal and renovating, repairing, restoring, or generally improving the appearance, performance, quality, func


The problems and solutions of Roller suspension concrete pipe making machine

Suspension roller process (1) steel skeleton displacement deformation In the process of the suspension roller process, due to the use of dry hard concrete, steel skeleton by the larger radial pressure, and with the feeding side of the rolling and rotation process, repeated role is gradually strengthened, resulting in Skeleton deformation, displacement. The way to avoid this is to enhance the overall rigidity of the steel frame, to strengthen the fixing of the skeleton in the pipe mold, and to control the steel bar of the protective layer into the U-shaped steel bar and increase the error to about 2mm. (2) the inner and outer walls collapse The phenomena of wall collapse, wall separation and pipe - die separation are the quality problems of suspension pipe, especially in the environment of low temperature. With the increase of diameter, the self - arching effect of circular arc decreases. Wall thickness increased, the upper part of the concrete gravity increased. While lifting the proces


Failure analysis and troubleshooting for Wire Cage Welding Machine

Wire cage welding machine used in the production of steel cage, put the tube in the cement machinery mould system for the production of a reinforced concrete pipe, but in actual use may appear may appear unstable failure of welded steel, the following is the analysis of cause of trouble and remedy method. Fault: 1, steel surface oil and corrosion. 2,. Welding wheel too groove 3 deep groove welding wheel, welding wheel or conductive wheel pressure is too small 4, conductive block or conductive wheel wear. 5 welding of two primary side of the transformer connected copper foil, poor contact steel, the contact surface oxidation or the fastening screw loosening. 6 conductive copper sleeve groove deep, loose slot, dirty. 7, welding voltage is too low. Method: to replace steel or pickling processing; car repair; adjustment; replacement or repair; clean and tighten; replacement tank; adjust the voltage.


steel wire Button Head Forming Machine

This machine is used to form button head on both ends of PC Wire (Bar) by direct heating method. It is used for the production of pre-tensioned piles and poles The machine consists of clamp chuck, electrode head, and double acting air cylinders with multiple chambers. The machines installed with adjustable control device to automatically control the air pressure, heating time, heating temperature to ensure consistency of button head strength and shape


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