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QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Plant

Concrete Block Making Plant

● Products :QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Plant

● Type :Concrete Block Making Plant

● Brand :HAMAC

● Origin :China

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Product Introduction
QT4-15 brick maker is a Automatic concrete block making equipment. By changing the moulds, it can produce diverse kinds of concrete wall blocks, such as: insulating block, hollow block, holes block, solid block; and paver blocks, such as: interlock block, Dutch block, curb; as well as concrete members, dry base brick, planter bricks, fence block for parks, air port and wharf, etc.

This equipment is the most advanced, reliable machine for making high quality, high intensity concrete blocks or fly-ash bricks. Multiple producing lines with different configurations can satisfy clients' manufacturing and capacity requirement of most concrete products.            
Benefits & Features
1. Main body frame: apply high-duty structural steel and Special welding technic, its outstanding steadiness will guarantee the equipment’s rigidity and seismic resistance.
2. Guidepost: apply with super special steel, chromeplated surface will give good torsion resistance and wear-resisting performance, plus Four rod guide mode and over-length type guide bearing, which guarantees the accurate move of indenter and molds; moving parts apply special device, in order to easy lubricate and not easy wear.
 3. Color system: The color device crane apply hydraulic system control, by connection of rubber spring and crane the color device and hopper vibrating will be damped, in the meantime, it can prevent the left color concreted, discharge gate control the hopper, in order to achieve evenly color distributing.
4. Distribution system: apply design of material storage and material separate dividing tech. material box feeding can be precisely controlled, under the effect of enforcing broken arch machine, which generate strong centrifugal discharging force, to make material distributing fast and even.
 5.  Vibration system: Separate coupling vibration technology is used to expand the effective vibration area by 2 times, which greatly improve the quality and output of the production, and effectively extend the life of the mold; The vibration box adopts a suspended structure and can withstand severe vibration without damage. And the vibrating shaft adopts the eccentric synchronous rotation structure to generate the excitation force in the vertical direction, which can optimize the fabric and the forming effect.
6.PLC control system: set the technical parameters such as flow and pressure of each action through the touch screen to achieve ideal man-machine dialogue. The control system consists of three control units: batch mixing automatic program control system, molding host, transport board machine, lift-unload automatic program control system and weight control system. The electrical components of this system are all imported brand products, such as Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, etc, thus ensure reliable performance and low failure rate.
7. Multi-purpose of one machine: By replacing the mold, it can produce cement products with different specifications of porous bricks, hollow blocks, roadside stones, pavement bricks, grass bricks and slope protection bricks. The fabric device can produce products such as colorful pavers. 

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More Info

1. QT4-15 Automatic block forming machine Main technical parameters:

Dimension Of block making machine 3600×1800×2600mm Motor Power 29.4KW
Mould Area 550×900mm Vibration Force 40KN
Working cycle 15-18S Concrete mixer model JS500
The Size Of The Pallet 900×550×30mm Weight Of The block making machine 6000kgs

2. QT4-15 Automatic block forming machine Production capacity:

Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr
400X100X200 8 1200-1920 9600-15360
400X150X200 6 900-1440 7200-11520
400X200X200 4 600-960 4800-7680
400X250X200 3 450-720 3600-5760
200X100X60 16 1920 15360
200X163X60 8 1200 9600
We can provide different sizes mould as you request.

3. How does Automatic Block Making Machine work?

1. Cement silo and screw conveyor: The cement silo is used to store the bulk cement which is used for concrete. The screw conveyor is connect with the cement silo and concrete mixer to transfer the cement into the concrete mixer. These two parts are optional parts. You can get them at local market or purchase them from us together with our block making machine;
2. Aggregate batching machine: It consists of two or three storage bins and one weighing bin. It also contains belt conveyers which is used to convey aggregate and sand from the storage bins to weighing bin. Batching and weighing is controlled by PLC.
3. Concrete Mixer: All the ingredients are mixed in this concrete mixer. Mixing time and speed is controlled by PLC. The water pump which is controlled by time relay adds water to the mixer automatically;
4. Belt conveyor: after the concrete is ready, it will be discharged to this belt conveyor, the belt conveyor will transfer the concrete to the concrete block machine;
5. Block making machine: This is key part of the production line. It presses the concrete to block. It can be used to make various hollow block, solid brick, paver brick and kerbstone by changing different sizes moulds;
6. Stacker: Stacker is used to stack the blocks automatically, which is high-efficient and labor saving.
7. After the above procedures, the blocks will be transported to the storage yard for drying. 

4. Block and Brick Models:


QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Plant

QT4-15B Block Making Plant

QT6-15 Automatic Block Making Plant

QT8-15 Automatic Block Making Plant

QT9-15 Block Making Plant

QT10-15 Automatic Block Making Plant

HM-150T Paver Block Making Machine

HM-150TB Hydraulic Paving Block Machine

Technical support and after-sales service team in the Philippines

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Technical support and after-sales service team in the Philippines

1. 24 hours online service freely;

2. One year warranty time except for vulnerable parts.

3. Life long maintenance service;

4. Send engineers to install and debug the equipment;

5. Freely train operators to use and maintain skills;

6. Send engineers to fix failure if customers need;

7. Supply all kinds of spare parts;


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