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The Features of Planetary Mixers
Publication Date: 2018-04-24
Safe access
Safe access via half moon coverSafety is paramount in all Sicoma products. The MP’s half-moon cover allows almost a full 180 degree access on all models. And Sicoma’s key-operated safety catch guarantees that the motor cannot be powered with the cover open, even if the disconnect switch is closed. Fully gasketted joints and a grilled inspection hatch complete the package. The optional hydraulic cover and discharge door can still be operated if power is down by using the hand lever on the hydraulic pump.

Mixing blades
Ni-hard cast iron mixing blades for planetary mixerhydraulic power pack for planetary mixer
Ni-Hard cast iron blades are extremely hard wearing; they are also easy to adjust and replace. In addition, they are wear-equalized; compared with other, symmetrical designs, MP’s blades are thicker on the outside edge to exactly compensate the extra wear at these points. Arms are identical, modular and the upper “fuse” spider arm bends or breaks away if jammed, reducing cost of repair. Optional rubber, chromium carbide and tungsten carbide blades are available for high wear and special applications.

Hydraulic pump
Standard on all models, the hydraulic pump has a manual actuator to open the discharge door if power is lost. Water inlet is shown beneath pump.

Cement and aggregate inlets
cement and aggregate inlets for planetary mixerOptimal introduction of cementitious ingredients can occur from either side of the mixer, as shown, so as to avoid the rotating planetary gearbox, and in the center of the access cover on some larger models. Aggregates are introduced at the side opposite to the access cover, through a chute or the optional skip hoist.

Water entry
Water entry for planetary mixerThe semicircular water spray bar is standard on models MP1875 and larger (extra cost on smaller models). It gives optimum distribution of water for all types of concrete; dry cast in particular. It is important to charge the water within 15 seconds for fastest mixing action, and this system is designed for the job. If feeding from a tank, a pump may be necessary to reach the right speed. Note the anti-siphon U-tubes that cut off water feed instantly; this is important when using a moisture control system.

Optional spray nozzles can be fitted to give a washout action on every batch.

Optional skip hoist
skip hoist for planetary mixerSicoma’s matching skip hoist is tailored to the mixer to guarantee “no-problem” installation. It can be made with any height. Simplifies loading from a low-profile batch plant, occupies less floor space and creates less dust than conveyor.

Optional discharge door covers
To allow easy inspection and access, the MP mixer is intended for use with a raised sub-floor. When installed on a mezzanine floor, hinged door covers are available; these are of expanded steel mesh construction.

Optional air bag dust collector
To prevent the inrush of aggregates from forcing out a cloud of dust, the air bag inflates to take up this extra air volume. It gradually deflates during the mixing cycle to return the dust into the mix.

High pressure washout
high pressure washout for planetary mixerThe standard water outlets are spaced around a 180-½ in. spreader bar, angled to give best water distribution (models MP1500 and larger). High-pressure washout adds spray jets, angled to cover the whole mixer interior, mounted on the underside of the rotating mixing arms. This awesome washout system is powered by a powerful high-volume pump. The pump can be shared with a second mixer or manual spray wand.

Pulverizer attachment
pulverizer attachment
Some materials tend to form balls or clump. This powered cutting blade option, powered through the MP’s hollow drive shaft, is effective in eliminating the problem.

Rubber cleaning blade
Wipes off moisture sensor on each revolution (see right)

Other accessories
Many other Sicoma accessories and our custom plant integration give you a turnkey plant based on proven equipment with unique design features to guarantee perfect performance.

Colors (applies to all models of mixer)
standard colorsStandard colors are as shown at right:

Body of mixer, light grey
Safety covers and motors, royal blue
Skip and moving parts, safety orange

Other colors available at time of order (may delay delivery slightly).
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