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B series Wheeled Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loaders

● Products :B series Wheeled Skid Steer Loader

● Type :Skid Steer Loaders

● Brand :HAMAC

● Origin :China

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Product Introduction
B series Wheeled Skid Steer Loader is a new generation of small multi-function equipment integrating mechanics, electronics and hydraulics under the independent research and development of HAMAC, with every performance index having reached the international advanced level. The machine features compact structure, flexible movement, convenient operation, efficient working, powerful function and simple maintenance. It is especially applicable to urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshop, warehouse, dock, ship deck, even inside of cabin and other places with narrow space and frequently-changed operational contents. By changing different devices, it realizes the shoveling and carrying, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, scraping,scarification, snow blowing, deicing, road sweeping, pavement milling, and compaction operation.
Benefits & Features
1. High configuration for main parts. Main pump is Germany Rexroth high pressure viable plunger pump. The travel motor is Rexroth single-speed or two-speed motor. The engine is famous brand such as XINCHAI, Kubota or Perkins. The key hydraulic parts like gear pump, multi-way, pilot valve, leveling valve etc. are original products imported from Europe and America.
2. It adopts plate welding arm which has high loading capacity and good integral rigidity, long-term durability and reliability. The bucket cylinder can reach 100/50, and the maximum dig-up capacity is over 3 tons. The deluxe cab is very nice-looking and comfortable by using the blow molding interior decoration.
3. The pilot operation structure is our company patented technique. The controlling distance can be adjusted for different drivers’ requirement. The rear-mounted radiator uses rotational structure, which heavily improve the maintenance ability.
4. B series skid steer loader can provide high flow flux for attachments. The standard flow flux is 80L/min, the high flow flux can reach 140L/min. It can meet the demands of all the attachments. 

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Model HC65B HC75B HC100B HC120B
Operating Load (kg) 950 1050 1200 1500
Max. Speed (km/h) 12 12 12/18 12/18
Hydraulic flow (L/min) 80 80 80 80
Max. Working Flow (L/min)   120 140 140
Tire Model 12-16.5 12-16.5 12-16.5 12-16.5
Rated Power (kW) 55 55 74 103
Fuel tank Volume (L) 75 75 90 90
Self Weight (kg) 3350 3500 3550 3600
Bucket Volume (m³) 0.5 0.5 0.55 0.55

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Structure Data:

Main data Model HC65B HC75B HC100B HC120B
Overall operating height (mm) 4000 4070 4070 4070
Height to bucket hinge pin (mm) 3100 3150 3150 3150
height to top of cab (mm) 2160 2160 2160 2160
Height to bottom of level bucket(mm) 2933 2983 2983 2983
Overall length without bucket(mm) 2750 2880 2880 2880
overall length with bucket(mm) 3490 3580 3580 3580
Dumping angle at maximum height(° ) 40 40 40 40
Dumping height(mm) 2400 2450 2450 2450
Dumping reach(mm) 750 700 700 700
Rollback o bucket on ground(° ) 30 30 30 30
Rollback of bucket at full height(° ) 104 104 104 104
Wheelbase(mm) 1085 1115 1185 1185
Ground clearance(mm) 205 205 205 205
Angle of departure(° ) 20 20 20 20
Front turning radius without bucket(mm) 1204 1250 1278 1278
Front tuning radius(mm) 2030 2112 2144 2144
Rear tuning radius(mm) 1706 1774 1857 1857
Rear axle to bumper (mm) 1082 1082 1082 1082
Tread width, centerline to centerline (mm) 1500 1500 1500 1500
Width (mm) 1880 1880 1880 1880
Bucket width (mm) 1880 1880 1880 1880

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Technical support and after-sales service team in the Philippines

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Technical support and after-sales service team in the Philippines

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2. One year warranty time except for vulnerable parts.

3. Life long maintenance service;

4. Send engineers to install and debug the equipment;

5. Freely train operators to use and maintain skills;

6. Send engineers to fix failure if customers need;

7. Supply all kinds of spare parts;


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